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Sinuses are hollow cavities in the skull. Sinusitis, also known as sinus infection, is caused due to the inflammation of sinuses within the passages of the nose. Homeopathy for sinus infections and sinusitis is the surest way to ensure the healing of these inflammations in a natural and safe manner.
The inflammation of sinuses may develop into bacterial infections. These infections are not contagious but early treatment will prevent secondary bacterial sinus infections and sinusitis would ensure safe and preventative healing.

Homeopathy for sinus infections
Homeopathy has long-lasting benefits. These natural remedies promise quick solutions to inflammations in nasal cavities. A good homeopathic doctor would prescribe only the most holistic treatment for a particular individual.

Causes of sinus infections
Following are some of the causes of sinusitis –
• Infection of the nose or throat. These may block the drainage of mucus. Such infections may be viral, bacterial, or fungal
• Swelling of the lining of the nose caused due to allergens, also known as allergic rhinitis
• Nasal polyps, soft and painless growths lining the sinuses
• A shift in the nasal cavity known as a deviated septum
• Immune system deficiencies of medications that suppress the immune system
Infections and smoking are two of the leading causes of sinusitis among adults.

Following are some reasons why children are likely to contract sinusitis –
• Allergies
• Illnesses from other kids
• Pacifiers
• Bottle drinking while lying on back
• Passive smoking

Homeopathy for sinus infections and sinusitis would be a suitable option for children, as it is a gentle form of healing. This form of natural clearing of the sinuses will encourage their immune systems to start working efficiently again.

Symptoms of sinus infections
Sinus infections typically set about with a runny nose, occasional cough, or mild fever. These last for about 7-10 days. It gradually progresses into pressure along with pain in the sinus cavities. However, since this is a recurring condition, homeopathy for sinus infections and sinusitis would be beneficial in reducing the likelihood of it occurring so often.

Following are some of the symptoms noticed in sinus infections –
• Nasal congestion causes breathing to become difficult. This occurs with both infectious and non-infectious sinusitis.
• Postnasal drip is an overflow of mucus from sinusitis that reaches the throat and irritates the tissue there.
• Coughing is an attempt to clear the irritants in the throat
• Fever may develop due to the swelling of sinus tissues and infection
• The area around the eyes, nose, cheeks, and forehead might feel swollen and tender
• Thick and a discolored discharge from the nose, often seen in bacterial sinus infections
• Reduced sense of smell and taste
• Intense headaches because of pressure in the blocked sinuses

Some other signs may include –
• Ear pain
• Bad breath
• Coughing or clearing of the throat
• Sore throat
• Fatigue
• An ache in the upper jaw and teeth

Sinusitis reduces the efficiency of performing everyday activities. Venturing into the world of homeopathy for sinus infections and sinusitis will essentially ensure that your daily tasks get done smoothly. A cost-effective and harmless treatment, homeopathy promises a reduction of sinus infection symptoms.

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