Homeopathy and Health

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a primary health profession that seeks to play an alternative or complementary role in the maintenance of wellness. Homeopathic practitioners are clinically trained to diagnose and treat a variety of diseases. This holistic health care profession acknowledges the importance of individualization in the maintenance and achievement of wellness.

Homeopathic medicines are usually made from plants, minerals, chemicals, and animal material. This approach utilizes medicines that stimulate the body’s own potential to initiate the healing process. In this way, the medicine does not fight the disease but the body itself is stimulated to combat the condition.


What is Health?

There are many definitions of “health”, all of which are an effort to objectify, to describe what is so complex, that it is difficult to capture it with words alone.

Rather than focusing on illness or specific parts of the body, holistic health considers the whole person and how it interacts with its environment. It emphasizes the connection of body, mind, and spirit.

Holistic Health is based on the law of nature that a whole is made up of interdependent parts. The earth is made up of systems, such as air, land, water, plants, and animals. If life is to be sustained, they cannot be separated, for what is happening to one is also felt by all the other systems. In the same way, an individual is a whole, composed of interdependent parts, which are:

-physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual –

What is Disease

Illness and disease are, simply put, your body’s way of showing you that it is at dis-ease. The root of this dis-ease varies widely from person to person but, apart from certain hereditary conditions, it essentially boils down to some kind of imbalance in the physiological or biochemical pathways that have contributed to you becoming ill.

How we look after our bodies, soul, and spirit ultimately determine how healthy we are. What we eat and drink, how, when, and how much we sleep, how much we stress, how we relax and have fun, and how we recharge our spiritual batteries all determine how healthy we are.  To complicate matters, we cannot avoid understanding the hormonal symphony, hormones are responsible for our basic life functions and our ability to survive

When one part is not working at its best, it will impact all other parts of that person. Further, this whole person, including all other parts, is consistently interacting with everything in the surrounding environment.

Homeopathy is a curative system of therapy that restores health, by stimulating the body’s own mechanisms of defense and repair.

In Homeopathy, the focus is on the whole person using therapeutic methods that are safe, subtle, and sympathetic to the body’s needs


Back to School & Work

Who would have thought that in the year 2020 there would be a time that has turned most of our lives upside down? I never thought about it! Now we have this “new normal” that each of us needs to adapt to, for us to survive.  Following some of the basic principles, we can help keep kids and adults back to work stay safe and can help stop/reduce the spread of this disease.

Recommendations to stay healthy are:

  • If feeling unwell stay home
  • Ensuring regular hand washing with safe water and soap, hand sanitizer.
  • At a minimum, daily disinfection, and cleaning of work surfaces
  • Workplaces should promote social distancing
  • Ensure adequate, clean toilets and washing areas
  • Increase airflow and ventilation where the climate allows (open windows, use air conditioning where available, etc.)

Acknowledge the fear and anxiety as kids go back to school and adults return to work. Many of us may be dealing with pandemic-related anxiety, academic stress, work stress. Many of our feelings are associated with being at home for so long as well as the normal stressors associated with traveling back to work. Stressing about the situation won’t change the outcome. Kids may express their feeling of anxiety in many ways e.g., bad mood, stomach aches, headaches or showing anger, etc.

Returning to school and work probably won’t mean returning to normal – at least for a while.

Immune system support:          

Here are a few safe supplements that will support you and your child’s immune whilst returning to work and school;

  • Vitamin D3
  • Zinc
  • Probiotics
  • Omega3
  • Vitamin C